• Tori Daw

The importance of duality

Updated: Mar 11

The Moon's cycle shows us that finding balance is all about appreciating the duality, the ebbs and flows, of life. Each cycle begins in the new moon phase, which is quiet and calm. It's an important time for planting seeds and setting intentions. On the other side of its transit, the full moon phase is full of life and celebration, and a time to begin letting go and cleansing. Neither are more important than the other, and both are crucial points to acknowledge and align with.

In any aspect of our lives, we can apply the principle of balance and moderation. We know that our best work is only sustainable when we make time for rest. Without the night, would we appreciate the day? The Earth needs both sun and rain in order for life to grow. Even something as simple and underappreciated as breathing can teach us the lesson of yin and yang with our inhale and exhale.

Finding this balance is a lifetime of practice, and it can prove to be difficult once the routine of life sweeps us away from our mindfulness. Honoring the Moon and her phases is an effective and easy way to keep this practice in effect.

The soft, calm yin energy of the new moon phase is a time to slow down. For some of us, it is not an act we are used to doing. It is an invitation to reflect in the darkness and make new intentions and plans. Meanwhile the dynamic, excited yang energy of the full moon is magnetizing to acts of celebration.

Keeping these practices as integral parts of your life can be the difference between a life of ease and acceptance and resistance and burnout.

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