• Tori Daw

Baths: an essential Moon Ritual tool

Updated: Mar 11

Sitting on the beach, we get quiet to watch the tide roll in and out, and almost immediately feel at ease. The soothe of the crashing sound and the rise and fall of the waves are an effective reminder that all we experience in life will inevitably ebb and flow. It invites us to surrender, to find freedom, in loosening our grip and finding flow.

Where does the Ocean learn this dance? How long has it been swaying? What do the ins and outs tell us?

It is a mirrored interpretive dance inspired by the Moon's own ballet. Starting at the calm, empty new moon phase, the Moon leaps and twirls across the sky, bringing the Ocean's waves with her. The gravitational pull is prolific on the waves, creating an inspiring show of balance. The ocean doesn't resist- in fact, every phase and energy in the Moon's cycle is honored and appreciated, all the way through to the grand finale of the full moon.

This pull has the same profound effect on our spirit, and it too sways to and fro with the Moon. We can resist it, but her influence is mightier. Or we can follow the lead of the ocean and the ease of flowing along. Aligning our energy to that of the Moon's is a powerful way to meet our life and experiences from a place of ease and acceptance.

With all that in mind, my recommendation is to embrace the element of water in our own human bodies and immersing it in a bath to allow for the strongest connection and reflection of the ocean. Regular Lunar Bath Rituals are intense because they emulate the harmony between the Moon and the ocean. It's a harmony we can strive to implement in our own lives.

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