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Lunar Bath Rituals

Aligning with the moon’s phases isn’t just a kitschy or trendy sales gimmick- it’s a mindful practice of being conscious of how our energy is being conducted. It reminds us to let go of our need to white-knuckle and push through times of darkness; rather, just melt in the void that is the New Moon before calling in what you desire. Two weeks later, when your energy is high in the fully luminous Full Moon, you’re invited to celebrate and show gratitude for all that you’ve manifested and release what no longer serves you. A relevant crystal and affirmation card is included in every collection to foster this alignment.

So why bath rituals? Firstly, to put it simply, it is how we can honor the eternal waltz that the moon and the ocean are in. Immersed in our own little body of water, such as a bath, emulates the same gravitational persuasion. It also gives us the opportunity to give ourselves and our body profound attention and care in the form of soaking, exfoliating, and nourishing its armor. This is why organic + vegan ingredients will always be a priority and the dyes and artificial scents and preservatives are skipped.


Meet the Maker

Hi there, friends! My name is Tori, and I’m an Earth-loving, Pacific Northwest-living stay-at-home mom. My family consists of a loving, supportive husband and the sweetest, funniest little boy with special needs for a son. I have a deep love for art & mindfulness and have entrepreneur in my bones. I’ve always held a loving reverence toward the moon and am ever-aware of the way energy is conducted around me. Mix all that with striving for natural products in my home and prioritizing environmentally conscious packaging, and Lunar Bath Ritual Collections are born. 
Lunar Bath Ritual Collections are boxes of organic + vegan handmade artisan bath products scented with certified-pure essential oils that correspond to specific phases of the moon. 
I encourage bath rituals because it’s an act of honoring the moon’s pull of the ocean’s tides- the ebbs and flows- and acknowledging our spirit’s way of mirroring that dance. 
Thank you endlessly for letting me share this path to balance and enlightenment with you ❤️


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Customer Reviews


I’m so excited for the new moon! Everything arrived promptly and as promised in beautiful, simple, reusable materials. Scents are robust and refreshing! With these crazy times I really look forward to regularly indulging in such unique o self care products from this one-of-a-kind small business. Thank you Tori!


This is so awesome! The seller obviously put a lot of thought and love into putting this set together and it smells amazing. Not only do you receive the bath products, but it includes an affirmation card and citrine crystal. I would definitely recommend.


Perfect way to celebrate the new moon, fast shipping & reusable packaging! Can’t wait for my next box!


Loved the New Moon box! Everything smelled amazing and was carefully packaged, you can really tell how much care and thought goes into each box. And I love knowing I’m supporting a business that cares about the environment and makes an effort to use reusable packaging and doesn’t use artificial scents. A+!


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